trackingDIARY 4.0

Keep track of your vehicles, monitor the driving methods and empower your field team with precise real-time information. trackingDIARY is a Portugal-based cloud service suitable for small business and big enterprises

Get more out of your team

trackingDIARY is a powerful fleet monitoring platform and a costumer relationship manager (CRM). Not only it provides real-time precise data on vehicle status, timestamps, route optimization but also organize, update and simplify your documents.

Why trackingDIARY?

A combination of carefully manufactured hardware with years of software development makes trackingDIARY the right solution for excessive fleet's costs and poor client's management.

Safe and Everywhere

Losing data or staying offline are two problems you can cross off your list. We'll ensure that your work is stored and backed up on our Cloud Servers so it's always a click away, whether you're in the office or at the beach.

Our range of sollutions

Choose the right tool to solve the problem. We've got you cover.

and Manufacturing

  • GPS Fleet Location
  • Fuel costs management
  • Up to 3 years of tracking history
and Distribution

  • Costumer Relationship Management
  • Daily tasks planning
  • Fleet maintenance control

  • Mobile application
  • Real time updates
  • Database updates via APP

  • GPS Fleet Location
  • Fuel costs management
  • Up to 3 years of tracking history
and Health

  • Costumer Relationship Management
  • Daily tasks planning
  • Fleet maintenance control

  • Costumer Relationship Management
  • Daily tasks planning
  • Fleet maintenance control

Driver's best bud

trackingDIARY is gonna take your where
you need to go.


Take advantage of trackingDIARY's mobile App to stay always one step ahead while driving.

Our navigation system uses Google Maps's powerful and popular engine so the drivers can avoid traffic and reduce the journey's time. Indicators and alerts will keep them updated on maintenance and usage status.

Push notifications will give them a heads up when someone changes or updates the plans, so they never reach the destination off-guard.

Using the phone while driving can cause accidents

Information is power

A lot can change in 5 minutes and you can count on trackingDIARY to update your plans to everybody.


Get things done right at the sight. No need to get back to the office.

Generally, the field personnel gets the client information upfront, but has to wait or call the office to pass it on. Cut off any delays and misinformation through the App's instant updates to the central database, enhance the productivity and save everybody's time.

Get acquainted

Developed by ThinkDigital® in 2008, trackingDIARY has expanded its operations from Portugal to Europe, America and Africa. Trusted by the most important companies in Portugal, our solution has effectivelly helped more than 150 partners worldwide.

We're proud to expand on the subject:

Taylor made for your company

No company is like the other, and that's the reason you won't find a button to buy trackinDIARY on this website. Firstly we'll try to spot the strengths and bottle necks, and only then offer the right solution.

Save as you use

Misusing your vehicle can increase your fuel consumption up to 20%. Cut back unnecessary expenses and reduce your carbon footprint while doing so.


Environmentalism doesn't represent a trade-off with profit anymore, and in this particular situation, both of them go hand in hand. By incorporating GPS tracking to better manage fleet resources and environmental impact, organizations are able to run a cleaner, greener fleet, and drivers become more aware of any wasteful activity on the road, such as over-revving, harsh braking and unnecessary idling.

Within the first four months of monitoring driving behaviour, some companies were able to reduce fuel waste by 11%, with 6% of those represented by quick wins such as eradicating unwarranted idling and encouraging drivers to make more efficient route choices. *

*Extended research on Carbon Footprint reductions by vehicle monitoring

We've got your back

A solution is only as good as its support team.
We don't take that lightly.


Problems are going to happen at some point, it would be naive to think otherwise.

That mindset allows our support team to be prepared when it happens, responding with the right tools to solve the problem. We strive to build a close and significant relationship with our clients in order to understand their concerns and have a quick response when they need the most.

Our field support team is in charge of the hardware installed on the vehicles and is fully backed by our office support team, providing them with real time precise information.